Vampires Do Exist by:
Staci Butler, HPI International
Paranormal Investigator

If you take the time to watch the show Ancient Aliens you will find that there is much truth to what is being said, or at
least an improved “logical” explanation for various unexplained events.

I have always been a very curious person who needed viable answers to my question about where the higher power
came from; the answer “He’s just always been here,” did not work for me.  In 1999 I met a young lady named Gina S.
at college.  She was home schooled the majority of her life and had extremely religious parents; I was the opposite.  
We became best friends and one day she helped to bring my theory of the higher power to legitimacy.  She
explained that the good book made reference to people who had experienced metallic or shiny metal type rooms.
With that knowledge and my theory, we agreed on what the higher power was.  Mary saw a star (spaceship) which
abducted and artificially inseminated her; this theory says we all have alien DNA.   Several years later, along comes
the Ancient Aliens show, finally, saying the same thing.  Aliens have been here since the beginning of recorded time,
with different worlds visiting us for varies reason.  The Greek Gods; were powerful, human looking beings, many of
which were shape shifters.  The Egyptian Gods; were powerful, half human, half animal beings, and list goes on and
on.  So let’s suppose we take this information and explain the origin of the vampire.

As stated by the ABC News report, some people think that vampires were made reference to in the good book.   This
would mean that vampires have been around long before Bram Stoker ever wrote his book.  Now let us combine all
of this into an example (this is just an example to prove a point).  Some religions’ worship cows, while many of us eat
them.  So imagine for a moment that cows were once the dominate species on Earth.  A small number of humans
began to show up, but cows still out numbered humans, keeping them as the dominate species.  Humans
reproduced quicker than the cows could; their numbers grew, and cows were dominated and turned into a food
source.  This leads us to the vampires; an alien race, from a small planet that no longer has a sufficient food
source.  They may have come to this planet to become the dominate species, but with their numbers being so small
it is impossible for them to do so; regardless human beings are still the cows.

Putting the Myths to Rest

As a vampire species there are many myths about them that ring true and others that do not.  I will start with why it is
they have not become the dominate species; as we all know they do not breed as we do, a vampire is made and
reborn.  One must bring their victims to near death and then let the victim drink in their species’ genetic makeup in
order to become a vampire.  This not only takes time, but forethought as well because vampires are immortal.  How
many people can you think of, in this world, that you would want to spend eternity with?  My answer would be, not
many, which keeps the vampire population lower than human beings.  
The sunlight myth can be debunked by stating that dead bodies do not burst into flames when exposed to the sun.  
Although they may have an allergic reaction to the sun, they can still walk in the day, but choose not to because
hiding under the cover of night helps to keep them safe and undiscovered by those who wish to hurt or study
(dissect) them.  In similar context, if you hold a mirror up to a dead body the reflection is there, meaning vampires
have a reflection and can be videotaped.

Holy water, crosses, religious instruments, and hallowed ground, cannot hurt or deter them.  I am sure this is just an
annoyance, as it is to most of us who answer the door and hear “Have you heard the good word?”  They are from
another world, let them worship, or not, in the way they see fit.

Not entering a home without permission from the owner.  Vampires may see us as dumb cows and have been on our
planet for a long time, but that does not mean that they are not respectful and polite to those humans they feel
deserve it.  I mean really, would you knock on someone’s front door and then walk in without an invite?  That’s rude;
so why would vampires be any different?

Silver is a myth that is true because of the vampires’ genetic makeup.  It has nothing to do with some magical
reason, simply put, they are highly allergic it to.  Many human beings are allergic to certain types of metals, it just so
happens that the vampires’ reaction to silver is severe.

Glamour is the ability to control and entice humans when looking into the vampires’ eyes.  The majority of humans
only use 10% of their brain; aliens are evolved beyond that therefore giving them the ability to control the minds of
those using less brain power.  

Wooden stakes and decapitation are also true, but not in the context of myth that we are use to.  Anything that will
hurt or kill a human being will hurt a vampire; it doesn’t matter if it is wood or a stake.  Although vampires have the
ability to regenerate and heal quickly, if you leave a stake, bullet, pipe, etc. in them they will be paralyzed.  The
vampire can regenerate but only if there is nothing obstructing the way.  If the body tries to heal itself around the
obstruction this causes excruciating pain, therefore causing a form of paralysis.  In addition, a vampires’ biological
makeup is somewhat different than ours.  Although they have a heart it is not used to keep them alive; the organ that
performs this function is located in the cranial region.  If one was to decapitate a vampire, they will die with no hope
of regeneration.  This also brings up the point of how human beings can be turned into vampires.  Human beings are
decedents of aliens and the human structure is closely related to that of a vampire, making it easier for a human
body to accept the genetic material and change into a vampire.  

These explanations are for those myths that are most commonly associated with vampires.  I understand that there
could be some, less common, myths that were not mentioned here, but I hope this has helped answer most of your
vampire questions.  Please remember that vampires are not evil, and did not come to this earth to be feared or
studied, they are just trying to survive like the rest of us.

Note to all vampires:
I understand that humans are a less superior species than yours, but could you please do a favor for all of us
humans that have good hearts, live honest lives, and are just trying to make the world a better place?  Please stick
to victims that are repeat offenders of heinous crimes and those that have not been put caught or have been set
free on a technicality.  Please remember that not all humans are bad, a person can be reasonable and
understanding; however “people” are more likely to be unreasonable and panicky.

People are scared of things they don’t understand and if they don’t understand it they vow that it is the wrong way to
do things, or that it must be destroyed.  They run their mouths about how evil it is, and although they know little
about it, they talk to others as if they everything about it, desperately trying to make people think and feel the same
way they do about the things they don’t understand.  The cure for that is to find the truth.  Logically if people
understand it, they won’t be scared of it anymore, therefore minimizing hate and ignorance in the world………Right?

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