The Rev. Steve Newlin began his ministry as
a student, serving with great compassion as
a volunteer chaplain at the Veterans Affairs
hospital in Opelousas, Louisiana. During his
time there, Steve met a bright young hospice
worker named Sarah, and the pair's highly
emotional work brought them together — for
life. After taking their holy marriage vows,
husband and wife served in varied capacities
under the guidance of Steve's father, The
Rev. Theodore Newlin, whose life was cut
tragically short in an apparent vampire attack
just this year.

Though devastated by his father's untimely
passing, Steve understood the only way to
honor Theodore's memory would be to
further the cause that his father lived -- and
ultimately died -- for: protecting humanity
from the iniquity of vampires. The Fellowship
of the Sun has grown miraculously thanks to
Steve's cultivation, building a partnership in
Christ that has uplifted thousands of
followers. With Sarah's help, he's introduced
ministries to defend not only our rights to
freedom of speech and religion, but also to
fight off the vampires' assault on core values
like the institution of marriage and the
sanctity of family. Thanks to the Newlins,
humanity continues to walk toward the light.