Romanian League in Defense of Animals
(ROLDA USA) is a registered 501-c-3 charity in USA
(EIN: 32-0176929) since 2006.
Dogs up for adoption to the USA!

Through our re homing process into the USA you can
have the animal of your dreams and both of you
featured on our upcoming ROLDA TV Documentary!

Name: XENA
Age: 2y 5m, spayed
Size: small
Kids young: OK
Kids older: OK
Leash: OK
Other dogs: OK
Color: brown
Character: very affectionate, friendly with dogs, curious but friendly with cats, very
playful, she has lots of energy

Name: MIRI
Age: 2y 4m spayed
Size: small
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 9 Kg
Kids young: OK
Kids older:OK
Other dogs: OK
Color: white some dark brown
Character: playful, sociable, easy adoptable, medium energy
Your name:
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I can't adopt but I'd like
to donate to ROLDA!
An Idea of where your
money goes:

Deworming with Biheldon
or Drontal costs about
$10 USD /box;

External flea control,  
using Advocate,  
Advantix,  or Frontline,  
costs about $7.50 per
dog,  at $30 USD /box;

Disinfectant costs $24 for
1 kilogram of Ecocid.
Milk replacer is $17 USD

Vaccinating a dog against
rabies with DHPPi2L
costs $4.30 USD.

Petlovers, Prima Food,  
or Best Choice dry dog
food costs from $1.2 USD
to $2.8 USD /dog /day.
have a very good company to assist in getting your new friend right to you!