Romanian League in Defense of Animals
(ROLDA USA) is a registered 501-c-3
charity in USA (EIN: 32-0176929) since
An Idea of where your
money goes:

Deworming with Biheldon
or Drontal costs about
$10 USD /box;

External flea control,  
using Advocate,  
Advantix,  or Frontline,  
costs about $7.50 per
dog,  at $30 USD /box;

Disinfectant costs $24 for
1 kilogram of Ecocid.
Milk replacer is $17 USD

Vaccinating a dog against
rabies with DHPPi2L
costs $4.30 USD.

Petlovers, Prima Food,  
or Best Choice dry dog
food costs from $1.2 USD
to $2.8 USD /dog /day.
 Please visit for
information on adoptions & how
you can help.