"There are two ways to put together a bio. One is to write one yourself, wh,ich
makes you seem like a jackass. The other is to actually pay someone to write a bio
about you, which (when put anywhere other than the inside of a book flap), also
makes you look like a jackass. So, trapped between those two particular choices, I’
d rather be the self-sufficient jackass...." Comedian,  
Hal Sparks
(Yep, this is how I feel)

My name is Shannon McCabe. Let me tell you a little about myself...  I am a
singer, event planner, actress, paranormalist, writer, teacher, animal activist wife to
Bruce Kubel, and mom to my poodle, Rocket.  

I have touched upon the entertainment world, not only with singing, but in various
TV shows, news segments, and my event planning.  If you look real hard you will
see me in Nash Bridges.  (Yes, Don Johnson is just as good looking in person!  And
I've seen Cheech in an alley with Willie Nelson but that's another story.)

I became interested in the paranormal, when I was a child, around 10 years of age.  
I used to watch spooky shows like Hitchcock presents and imagine that I had a
ghost that would move my doll & unicorn collection around.  I am sure now that it
was my overactive imagination... Or was it?

23 years later I saw a full body apparition at a building in Sacramento and it made
me think twice about my belief in life after death.  Here is what happened:

I was coming into work, unusually early for me, when I parked my car on the third
floor of the parking garage. I got out of my car and walked toward the door leading
to the elevators.  I saw a man wearing a Kelly green polo shirt and dark slacks. He
had that over 35 hair-do that men have, you know the one with hair all around the
back and sides but none on top... I love me a bald man... Anyway, he was standing
near the door staring off into space.  I said "hello" and headed for the door.  He did
not respond.  I found this to be quite odd so naturally I looked to my right to look at
him again. He was GONE!  I walked to the area he stood in and looked all around.  
He had vanished into thin air!  Now you may be thinking I am crazy, but I do have
the validation you've been waiting for...

I proceeded into my building and ran next door to the hair salon. I  told my good
friend, Yolanda, what had just happened and she was a little confused.  We went
back up to the garage and I retraced the steps.  There was no where that 'Stan'
could have gone. I call him 'Stan' now because of the many people that have seen
him, he needed a name. I digress...  

After Yolanda and I went back to work, I couldn't help but second guess myself.  I
had been on many paranormal investigations with my group,
H.P.I. Paranormal, but
had never seen an actual apparition.  A couple of days went by and I had all but
dismissed 'Stan', when Yolanda comes running over to my shop and says "you are
NOT going to believe this!"  "What?" I replied.  "This lady just came in the shop, to
have her hair done, and we asked her if she 'needed her parking validated.'  The
lady said 'No way, I don't park in your parking garage, it's haunted!'" "Haunted?  
Could you explain what you mean?" replied Yolanda.  "There is this guy that
appears on the third floor of the garage, he just stares at you and he wears a green
shirt!  Then he disappears!"

Well, holy *&^%^!!! I guess I got my validation!  

After seeing that full body apparition, my curiosity went into overdrive.  I needed to
understand what ghosts are.  Is there an afterlife?  I delved deeper into my studies
with H.P.I.

I have been a ghost hunter and the owner of H.P.I. International  since 2004 but
have  15+ years of paranormal studies and experience.  Not only am I the owner of
HPI (with over 550+ members and another branch in Michigan and San Luis
Obispo, New Mexico, Fresno), but I have written articles for
Haunted America
Tours, and have been on many paranormal radio shows.   I was lucky enough to be
involved with
Two Four Productions UK  -  "Conversations With a Serial Killer,
Richard Trenton Chase"
.   I was also fortunate enough to go to Chichen Itza,
Mexico with
Showtime Television for the show "Bullshit" with Penn & Teller that
aired July  2009. The show is on the incredible subject of "2012"!  Paul Dale
Roberts and I get to do many shows, some we are even cut out of such as
hunting for the Batsquatch / Mothman.  In 2009 we went to Los Angeles with
Two Four Productions UK to hunt for the spirit of Michael Jackson at the Shrine

This stuff is fun and I take it all with a grain of salt... It entertains me and makes
others happy, so that's why I do what I do.


About H.P.I. (Haunted & Paranormal Investigations International):
H.P.I. not only investigates ghostly hauntings, but we investigate all
things paranormal from sightings of the Chupracabra, UFO sightings,
Bigfoot sightings, etc.

We seek out the truth.  For more information go to