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October 23rd, 2010

"A Truly Bloody Experience"
October 23rd, 2010

"A Truly Bloody Experience"
At the 2010 Vampire Ball we'll be celebrating all
things "Truly Bloody" with a some Dracula thrown in.

Costumed "True Blood" Characters  

2 DJ's
Natalie Liquori from Fascination & Darkness
& David V. from Club Circuitry

Fangtasia Lounge - Meet "Eric"
(Top 40 & Dance Music Provided by KDED
Radio & DJ David V.)

KDED Radio in Fangtasia Lounge
(Commerical spots available for $10.00)

Vampire Go Go Dancers by

VIP Room

Blood Fountain

Hair of the Dog Werewolf Bar

Dracula's Castle Dance Hall
(Gothic & Dark 80's  Music Provided by
Natalie Liquori of Darkness & Fascination)

Macabre & Son's Mortuary
(Featuring the "Queen of Louisiana")

Merlotte's Grill
(with food for purchase from
Cafe Americain)

Vampire Video Screens

Beautiful Victorian Decor

Huge Outdoor Patio with Blue Bayou

2 Full Bars


Psychic Readings in the Bayou
By Voodoo Queen Stefanie

Mendi by Ash Prakash

Prizes & Raffle
(To benefit Romanian Animal Charity
Interview with Jewel K Scott, Burlesque Dancer Extraordinaire/Paranormal Experiencer
Meet Jewel at the 2010 Vampire Ball!
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager / President

Question: Jewel, before we really get this interview started, can you please tell me something personal about
yourself? Your family life, where you were born and raised? Your hobbies and recreational activities?

Answer: Lets see…something personal…well, I can’t tell you that, and, no, I can’t tell you that either, but I can tell
you that William Henry Pratt, stage name Boris Karloff, is my Great Uncle on my father’s mother’s side of the family.
Hence, I am a Monster Movie Brat. I am a huge Baseball and Boxing fan. Another interesting fact, a dear friend I
grew up with was murdered by Serial Killer, Geraldo Gallegos.

To see pictures of Jewel, stop by

About my family life: I am adopted and was born and raised in Sacramento, California. My mother is Irene Frost, my
dad is Allen Frost (he passed away 5 years ago), my brother is Gary Frost, my son is Jeremy Scott and
granddaughter is Lydia Scott. I am single and loving it. I am a graduate of Grant Union High School, class of 81. Go

As for my hobbies and recreational activities, I am a social butterfly and love to enjoy life to its fullest, surrounding
myself with the people I love and adore. I spend my time at Laguna del Sol, I love being near the ocean, Heavy
Metal, Blues, Jazz, Classical and all things Rock; all that, and stories about serial killers. I am also a member of Phi
Theta Kappa (International Honor Society), artist, writer and poet. I am in the beginning stages of starting my own

Question: Since you are from Sacramento, can you tell me what you enjoy about Sacramento? Some of the places
you frequent, etc.?

Answer: I came back to Sacramento almost 7 years ago and I am so glad I did. Sacramento is often called a “Cow
Town”, but it is so much more than that. Sacramento has a sweet little heartbeat filled with art, music, theater,
sports and nature. Any night of the week, you can find entertainment. I grew up going to the Music Circus, and it’s
still here. You can see performers who have made it big, or you can see a local band who you know the members
and they knock your socks off.

I have always loved Mid-town Sacramento and presently live there. Some of my local haunts are Second Saturday
Art Walk, Faces, Laugna del Sol, McKinley Park, Raley Field and have just discovered the Sacramento Kings in the
round. It’s getting into the Autumn season, and come November, the leaves will change and Midtown will look like
New England. I also enjoy the Greater Sacramento area, the local restaurants and the people. We are one to two
hours from San Francisco, Tahoe, Reno, Placerville, Apple Hill, or a myriad of other beautiful areas in this lovely

I do have to mention my favorite house in Sacramento: The Martinez House on H Street. It’s huge, it’s gothic, and it
looks as if it does not belong in this time, it belongs in a time long ago. I want to live there, take care of her, plant
roses and a beautiful herb garden on the grounds. It deserves to be loved and to have people there socially. Social
events, tea and garden parties need to be held there, but she presently languishes, without love. She needs a
mistress, and that mistress should be me. Until then, I’ll live happily in my little apartment in Midtown.

Question: You are right now preparing for the 2010 Vampire Ball, which will be taking place on October 23, 2010 at
the Crescent Club/Club Americana in Old Sacramento. How did you become involved with burlesque dancing?

Answer: Well, burlesque dancing is a sensual art form, and I’m a very sensual and expressive artist. I love it; it’s
something I have always wanted to do. So, when Shannon McCabe sent out the call for burlesque dancers, I
answered it. I truly feel this is a catalyst for me, entertaining once again. I love the stage, I always have. It is in my
blood and it runs deep within my spirit. There is just something about connecting with the audience that is incredible.

Question: Let me get back to your dancing in a minute, but I am very curious about your paranormal life. You had
experiences since you were a child. Can you explain?

Answer: I have always had experiences, from the time I was a child until now. My experiences have ranged from
precognitive dreams to seeing auras, being able to ‘read’ a person to walking into a room and feeling a presence,
cold spots, and dread. About two years ago I started not just feeling spirits, but now I am beginning to ‘see’ them
and they speak to me directly. People have stated that I have a light, and I’ve been told that spirits are drawn to it.

Question: That is true Jewel. If you have psychic abilities, they are drawn to you. You are like a lighthouse, a
beacon of light in which entities are attracted to, they feel they may be able to communicate to you. Most entities
have a message in which they want to convey. You are that source. Can you give me a briefing of the most
significant paranormal events in your life?

Answer: A few of the most significant paranormal events in my life are: driving up to the scene of a bicycle accident
in Rhode Island the summer of 1984 and seeing the victim covered with a sheet. As I drove by, windows rolled
down, the interior of the car became like ice, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end, and the spirit of the
victim was sitting in the back seat of my car. Another event was living on the third floor of an old Victorian house on
Poquonnock Way in Groton, CT. There was an alcove with a small door. I could not go in there due to the extreme
feeling of dread. Every time we closed the door, we would find it open. In that home, we also had flies on the
windows in the middle of winter and the door knobs would turn on their own. My friends hated going into my front
room due to feeling uneasy and would take the back stairs and stay in the kitchen. One friend felt someone place
their hands on her shoulders and she could smell rose perfume the day we were moving in. Another home we lived
in on Crystal Lake Road across from the Groton Naval Base was condemned at the time. In the back bedroom, I
could feel a cold area near the closet and always felt uneasy. I would be standing at the stove cooking and the
dogs would sit at the threshold of the hallway and get up and growl at ‘nothing’. Then, I would feel it go from the
hallway through the kitchen to the stairs of the attic.

Recently at Tapa the World on J Street in Sacramento, I was having a dinner date with a friend. During
conversation, I had a distinct feeling someone was standing beside our table. I looked over and no one was there;
but the feeling was. I was able to visualize a man trying to tell me something. He was very excited, and I finally said,
under my breath, “Not now, Uncle George” and the feeling and vision disappeared. My Uncle George has been
dead for almost 40 years.

Question: Tell me about your paranormal experience in your car and your apartment?

Answer: Two weeks ago, I was driving in my car to Laguna del Sol. I’ve been having quite a few experiences lately
and feel the Universe was telling me it’s time to start using my gifts. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, my music is on, I’m
minding my own business and I get a distinct feeling someone is sitting in the passenger seat. I look over, no one is
there, but I can “feel” her. I turn off my music, and I allow her to speak. She tells me “It’s Okay, accept it.” I look and I
can see a vision of her. She is beautiful. She is slender with long slender arms and feminine hands. Her hair is in a
Gibson Girl style. She is a brunette and has blue eyes. Her nose is a bit upturned, she resembles me, but from
another time; like an ancestor. I tell her I accept it.

Question: What states have you lived at? While living in these states, did you ever feel there was an entity that was
following you?

Answer: I have traveled through 33 states, driven across the United States twice (once by myself) and I have lived
in California, Virginia, Georgia, Maine, Connecticut and North Carolina. I don’t know if the entity followed me or not,
but it felt as if the entities I experienced in Connecticut in the two separate houses had their own entities. I just
happened to move into their space.

Question: Okay, let me jump back to your dancing. You were dancing as a child? Please explain.

Answer: I started dancing at a very young age, I believe age 5. My mother had me in dance class with Ms. Carolyn
Ann Meyers. She was an incredible and loving woman. She taught me tap, ballet, baton; and to sing in front of an
audience. I was in parades, performed on stage and absolutely love everything I did. As I got older, I did performing
in a myriad of ways; Mistress of Ceremonies of different events, choir at Bell Avenue Elementary School, playing
Bass and B-flat clarinet in the Valle Vista Jr. High band, honor band, sang in the children’s Singing Christmas Tree
at the Memorial Auditorium, the clown ministry at Highlands Assembly, was a Pacer Hostess at Grant, etc.

Question: You are getting ready to start a dancing company in Sacramento, what will the name of this company be?
What will be the function of this company? How will people be able to contact you?

Answer: My goal is to start a production company called Crown Jewel Productions. Under that umbrella will be Bridal
Consulting, “It’s About the Tease, Bringing the Art of Burlesque to You”, my art and getting my poetry published. I
also plan to write a book about my life. I am presently studying through Penn Foster College to get my certificate in
Bridal Consulting and to join the Association of Bridal Consultants, an international professional association.

I can be contacted at

Question: Out of curiosity, are you a fan of Betty Page?

Answer: Bettie Page is my Patron Saint.

Question: Wow! You had a very interesting life, while talking with you away from the interview, I learned you have
been to Mexico and Canada, you are a poet, and you are an artist. Can you give us a small sample of your poetry?
What kind of art do you draw?


The Spectral Vision

Waking from this silken slumber
In the distance I do hear
Dogs barking at the shadows
Deep into the midnight hour

Wind is blowing, chimes are sounding
Off their haunting melody
Door is creaking and is opening
No, it only seems to be

Feel the terror rise within me
Body tense with this fear
Jumping at the slightest timbre
Afraid of what I see or hear

Leaves are wisping past my window
As I take a daring peek
Horse-drawn carriage contains a coffin
A ghostly guest the graveyard seeks

Stopping now before the threshold
Does he seek my soul to claim
Ears are covered, hands a-tremble
As he calls my secret name

Stallions rear, hooves are slashing
Thunder roars, lightening crashing
Turn my back, afraid to see
The ghostly driver calling me

Has time mistaken my demise
For death to be as cruel as this
Did life suddenly pass me by
As wind disturbs the morning mist

Heart is frozen, terror boundless
Pulse is quickened, afraid to speak
I turn to see the face of death
To my relief, he’s in retreat

Through the gates of the graveyard
The spectral vision does proceed
Horses prancing, death advancing
Along the narrow windswept street

KF Scott

As for my art, I presently work with oil pastels on 400 weight watercolor paper. I am a very emotional artist. I have
one idea that I believe should go on the canvas, but when I am done, I have an incredible piece that comes from
the subconscious and people are moved by it. In the past I have painted with acrylics, and I want to learn to paint
with oils.

Question: You live near serial killer Doreathea Puente’s home, have you ever felt anything near this infamous

Answer: I have been by there, but with everything I am experiencing in my own home, I haven’t taken the time to
branch out.

Question: Can you tell us about the black dog incident?

Answer: Ahhh, the black dog incident. When I was 18 years old, I had a 1970 Chevy Malibu. I was driving home
after babysitting and I got lost. It was late, dark and the fog was rolling in. I was driving down an unfamiliar road and
all of a sudden, in the middle of the road stood the biggest, blackest, dog I have ever seen. I slammed on my
breaks. Now, imagine, if you will, this dog was tall, very tall. And it was shaggy, hair like a bear and it had its head
turned towards me and just looked at me. I could not believe what I was seeing. After a few minutes, it just
disappeared in the fog. It was like a horror movie. I could not believe how the fog just enveloped the dog. I drove
slowly through the fog and when I came to the end of the road, turned and got the hell out of dodge. Was it a dog?
Was it a shape-shifter? I don’t know, but it scared me so badly, I still am a bit shaken after almost 30 years.

Question: You have practiced the Wicca arts, did you ever join a convent or tried to get into a convent?

Answer: I have studied Wicca and many other religions, but I do not practice Wicca. I have always had the Craft in
my life and have practiced the Craft since 2000. I was studying under High Priestess WinterSky aka Gail Dettier in
2007, but college called and I had to give up my studies. Through study of the Gods and the Goddesses, to me,
they are symbols of our own egos and became an Atheist and have a life philosophy that is based on the writings of
Anton LaVey. I love the philosophy and the psychodrama of ritual.

Question: While enjoying Laguna del Sol, did you ever run into Yosemite Killer Cary Stayner? Did people at Laguna
del Sol ever talk about him?

Answer: I just started going to Laguna del Sol in February and became a member in March. I have a friend that
mentioned Cary Stayner, but I never ran into him. Good thing, no?

Question: Now to the fun questions. Have you ever met any famous people?

Answer: Yes, I met Barbara Mandrel in Boise, Idaho. I was on Captain Mitch’s television program on channel 40
years ago before it became Fox. And of course, YOU! I have visited the gravesites of Jimi Hendrix and Edgar Allen

Question: If you had 6 dinner guests, 3 historical and 3 fictional, who would they be and why?

Answer: Otep Shamaya. Otep is an incredible poet, politically outspoken and not afraid to tear off the face of the
machine and show you blood, bone and sinew of the truth. She is the most honest woman I admire.

Alfred Kinsey. Alfred Kinsey was the father of sexual research. I would love to sit down with him and maybe with
conversation, he would incorporate more than just the white male in his research.

Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison was an incredible poet and lead singer of The Doors. He was passing through this life
on a journey that ended far too soon. I would want one night with him, exchanging ideas, listening to his poetry,
sharing one joint and having mad, passionate sex in a convertible with him.

Captain Hook. What is there not to love about Captain Hook? He’s the captain of his own ship, he looks great in his
uniform and he is very debonair. A lady’s man. I would love to meet Captain Hook. After all, I am a bit of a wench at

The Evil Queen from Snow White. She is powerful, she understands what is out there in the Universe, she is not
afraid to use the dark arts when it suits her best. She goes for what she wants. She has an ego and she knows who
she is. A strong woman. Was she truly Evil?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland. My favorite character. Alice is inquisitive and adventuresome. She is a strong willed
young girl. She would have some incredible input into a conversation.

Question: Can people find you on Facebook?

Answer: Yes they can under Jewel Karen Frost Scott.

Question: What are your favorite movies, TV shows, books?

Answer: Movies: A Summer’s Place, A Man and A Woman, The Trouble with Angels, Sin City, 300, old Monster
Flicks. Books: The Outlander series, The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe, The Satanic Bible, I’m a Book-a-
holic-babe. I am a big fan of Chatterbrew Online Magazine found at

Question: You said you been to 34 states, what states are those?

Answer: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Maine,
Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusettes, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina,
Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,
Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Question: What is your favorite song?

Answer: That is such a hard question to answer. There are so many songs that I feel are so relevant to and have
carried me through life. “Ghostflowers” by Otep, “Across the Universe” and “In My Life by John Lennon, and “The
Way You Look Tonight” sung by Steve Tyrell.

Question: Thank you for this incredible interview! Do you have any words of wisdom for your readers?

Answer: Step through the paper wall of fear.

What do I mean by that? Well, it is we that often cause ourselves to hesitate to live life to its fullest. We place fears
in front of us, fears that often, if we just go for what we want, will never come to fruition. Who cares if you are afraid,
it’s okay to be afraid. What is not okay, is to allow fear to hold us back from walking through the paper wall of fear
and move forward to accept the gifts that the Universe has waiting to give us, but can’t do so until we take that first
step. I have learned to walk through my own wall of fear I had built over the years. I can honestly say, it was
terrifying to break through that wall, but once I did, the Universe handed me a key that would open the door to the
gifts it held, waiting for me to take them. And if I had known then what I know now, I would have torn down that wall
and gone for it much sooner than I did. Then again, if I had done that, what experience in life would I have missed
out on in order to become the woman I am today. So, step through your paper wall of fear, and live.



I hope all is well with you. I have healed up completely from the fall I took.
I am writing about the murder of the young man above, Robert Maisonet. It has bothered me since you originally
planned a psychic trip to the site. I pulled up his picture and over several days, I have received impressions about
his murder. They may be nothing, or they may be helpful. This is the first time I have documented impressions
coming to me in a murder. I did not research other than to look at his picture and this is what I got. I hope it is
helpful. Some of it doesn't make sense to me, but may make sense to investigators.
I don't see this young man in a gang. He was attracted to a girl at his school who had a boyfriend, or brother,
heavily involved in a gang. As things have come to me, I lean more towards this killer being the brother.
I see either 4 doing the assault, and one in the SUV, or 3 assaulting, and one in the SUV 'holding the horse'. The
SUV I see is (this is really weird) an appricot, peach, or other light color. Unfortunately, I cannot see the license
plate.It may be a Caddillac SUV. (sounds weird to me, but just telling what I see).
The people assaulting this young man are gang members and appear to be hispanic and/or Samoan. One is much
larger than the others and I get a distinct feeling that he is Samoan. At first I felt he was a boyfriend of the girl, but
later was impressed that he may be her brother.
The assault was because of the girl. She has long black hair, brown/black eyes, and was the same age, or
younger, than Robert. She was a classmate and if you find the girl, you'll find his killer.
I can't vouch for any of this; I am just reporting what I saw. Take care.
One nation, under God!
In God We Trust.....

Sharon Whitted, like myself and others has seen a water serpent in the Sacramento River. The creature is large
and humps can be seen over a length of 30 feet. I will gather more information from Sharon at a later date. My
sighting was several years ago and I learned later that during my sighting, 2 men from SMUD also saw the same
creature. Sharon is the Service Manager for HomeTown Buffet at 9089 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove. HomeTown
Buffet is an excellent place to eat at! Speaking of food, if you need cakes, cookies, truffles, pies, breads,
chocolates for events, B-Days, Special Occasions, Weddings, then contact Sir Wes - Sita's Sweets at 916 549-

A big shout out to Janet Sager, thank you for showing me Tanzanite Community Park in Natomas! What a great
family park!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
Shannon McCabe's HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International)
Dark View HPI Videos
Cellular Paranormal Hotline: 916 203 7503
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Date of Interview: October 8, 2010, Friday
Time of Interview: 1600 Hours
Location of Interview: Starbucks, 15th and Broadway, Sacramento, CA
Pictures taken at: Tower Cafe, Tower Theater
"Undisclosed Desires"
by Muse