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Job: Author
Comic book: Female Force: Stephenie Meyer
Company publishing: Bluewater Productions
Interviewed by: Allen Klingelhoets

Allen: I have interviewed you in past for Jazma.
I want to move right into your work on
Female Force: Stephenie Meyer. Tell me
how you managed to get involved with this
project. Also, who came up with concept for
this story?

Ryan: Darren (from Bluewater Productions)
and I have a pretty solid relationship,
and I was on the phone with him going over projects
I was currently writing for Bluewater, and this
opportunity kind of just sprung up. He asked me if I'd
like to do it, and that was that. From there we shot ideas
back and forth, and developed the concept from there.

Allen: Do you feel you are constant reader of Twilight series?

Ryan: I haven’t read them yet. But my wife has read them twice:
once for her, once for me.

Allen: What are you attempting to accomplish with story?

Ryan: To make the story accessible. To have all the Twihards out there itching with enough curiosity and buzz that
they'll pick up the book. This is a story for them.

Allen: How hard has it been for you to write non-fiction Stephenie Meyer story?

Ryan: Well, not that hard. I mean, I cheat by having fictional protagonist and setting in the story--purely from a
narrative standpoint, but nonetheless, I still get my fiction fix!

Allen: Is this comic authorized? Did you have any contact with Stephenie Meyer?

Ryan: That’d be a double "No", Allan.

Allen: How did you research story for Female Force: Stephenie Meyer?

Ryan: Let's see. Blogs, websites, her books, websites, and more websites. Twitter, of course. Picking my wife’s
brain, my editor’s brain, and the Almighty YouTube.

Allen: What was one of the most surprising aspects of early history of Stephenie Meyer?

Ryan: That she was a National Merit Scholar. And that her husband's nickname is "Pancho", which I wish was my

Allen: Why do you think there is market for Twilight series?

Ryan: Because young adults love an emotional story.
That and you throw in some fantasy elements in to the mix--
whether it be a kid who sparkles in the sunlight after he
drinks your blood or a kid with wand-- and people gobble
that up. And when you write about such a raw, visceral
subject as young, forbidden love...well, you have the
makings of something that's a bit cataclysmic when
combined with teenage hormones. Then, the
teenagers' parent read them, get hooked,
and there’s your audience.   

Allen: What do you like most about Stephenie Meyer
comic book story?

Ryan: Well, that it is a comic book, and not some essay
or blog or short story or whatever. Any reason I have to
write a comic book, I'll take it. I could go on and on and
on until my fingers are powdered bone from typing so
much, but the truth of the matter is this: comics are brilliant,
and it’s equally fantastic that Stephenie's story is being
turned into one. I mean, how cool would it be to have your
life told in comic book format with a popular fictional character narrating it? Although, I think I'd want Morgan
Freeman to narrate my life. Problem is he's not fictional though, is he? Okay, I'm rambling...but what really excites
me is that the comic book industry is constantly searching, constantly seeking fresh, new ways to draw in new
readers. I like the idea that our book could possibly do this. Someone who’s never thought of picking up a comic
book--but happens to be a Stephenie Meyer fan-- picks up our little project of the shelves. That’s what I like most
about this, Allen. The fact that comic books will have new readers.

Allen: How much of Stephenie Meyers life will be covered in your Female Force biography?

Ryan: We'll be touching on everything, really. Her childhood, her college days, how she met her husband, and of
course, her books and the fame that followed.

Allen: Will you be explaining how Stephenie came up with The Forks setting for Twilight?

Ryan: Yeah, Darren took a trip to Forks, and sent me some firsthand information on how Stephenie put it on the
map. So, yeah, we'll definitely be talking about it in the comic.

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Allen: Did you read many of past vampire series like Anne Rice or Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories? What were
some of your prior vampire influences?

Ryan: No Anne Rice or Buffy. Just Bram Stoker's Dracula. But I am happy to say I've seen Lost Boys enough to
quote it.

Allen: Would you like to be involved with more stories involving Twilight characters?

Ryan: As long as they're comics.

Allen: Do you feel Twilight stories will ever be adapted into comic book form?

Ryan: I believe EW is developing a manga-influenced comic at the moment, actually.

Allen: Tell me when your Stephenie Meyer story will arrive in stores?

Ryan: It's scheduled for November.

Allen: How has it been for you working with artist Dave Macneil?

Ryan: He's approachable and talented--two things a serious artist has to be. Dave's been great to work with. I'll
send him an oddly-described panel layout, and he'll not only illustrate it, but he'll make it better. So, yeah, I can
say it's been a pleasure working with Dave.

Read the interview with Artist Dave Macneil

Allen: What do you think of Vinnie Tartamella cover for Female Force: Stephenie Meyer?

Ryan: Like Dave, this is the first time I've worked with Vinnie, but lordy, that's a nice looking cover. Very soft, very
warm. Vinnie does great work.

Allen: Tell me Bonus graphic novel edition. I noticed has same creative team as regular edition. What is different
about GN edition compared to regular edition? Also, will both be published at same time?

Ryan: I believe they'll be published at the same time, Allen. The GN edition sees Darren taking the writing
responsibilities; and he talks about his experience in Forks, I believe. Also, some bonus art--which, let's be honest,
is always a nice addition.

Allen: What is best way to get regular and graphic novel editions?

Ryan: I'd say pre-order it at Amazon. Also, Borders will be carrying it. Then check your local comic book shop. If all
else fails, call Darren. He only answers his phone at 2 AM in the morning, though.
Allen: What other projects are you working on?

Ryan: Let's see. I've just written three issues of The 10th Muse, which is Darren's, and really Bluewater’s baby.  I'm
also currently writing a manga-formatted graphic novel called Dead End Boys, which is also from Bluewater. And
I've just finished an outline for a children's graphic novel that, once approved, I'm told will be moving at a pace not
unlike this project we have going for Ms. Meyer. So, thankfully, I'm keeping busy.

Allen: Do you plan on rushing to theater and watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon?

Ryan: Yeah, I'll be seeing it. But I'm making my wife pay for it.

Allen: Will you be making any appearances to promote Stephenie Meyer comic?

Ryan: Possibly. I'm a horrible scheduler. I don't even know what I'm doing next week, so I'm not so sure what I’ll be
doing come Fall.

Allen:  Stephenie was named USA TODAY’S “Author of the Year” in 2008. Female Force story will also benefit
from coming out just before The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie. Are you ready for all the media attention from
Stephenie Meyer biography story?

Ryan: We've already gotten some pretty heavy press that's been outside the comic book biosphere. Darren
actually sent me a blurb that EW and Entertainment Tonight are both talking about the book. I'd be a liar if I said it
didn't put a smile on my face.

Allen: What viewpoint will you be telling story from?

Ryan: From a vampire’s.

Allen: Do you believe in vampires?

Ryan: No, but I believe in gothic teenagers and emotional
rock bands.

Allen: What is best way to contact you?

Ryan: My Twitter account is rburton03.
There's also my blog,
I check them both pretty regularly.

Allen: What do you feel inspires your creativity?

Ryan: My wife, my brother, my family. Music. Video games. Movies.
Comics. Hmmm, esoteric information and subjective experience.
And of course having absolutely nothing to do and just being
able to sit there with a cup of coffee, in my chair with my thoughts.
Sometimes my dog drinks my coffee, which is another story.

Allen: Thank you Ryan Burton for doing new interview with me. It seems amazing Stephenie Meyer has created
such a following. Her book Twilight only came out in 2005. She is still a young writer born only in 1973. I am glad
Bluewater Productions decided to let you write Female Force: Stephenie Meyer story. I hope fills in some
biographical mysteries about author. Would you like to close this interview Ryan with any closing thoughts about
Female Force: Stephenie Meyer story?

Ryan: People will get their money's worth with this book because it combines not only an ever-evolving storytelling
medium, but it also highlights a pop culture author who seems to have grabbed the world’s attention, as hard as
that is sometimes. I know everyone will enjoy it, Allen; and I’m delighted to be a part of it.
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