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Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball Presents: From Dusk Till Dawn  7pm - 2am  10/31 Halloween

On Halloween Night, October 31st, it is said that the veil between two worlds thins... The veil between the
living and the dead. This means that you may have more access than usual to experiencing contact with the
other side... What better of a way to do this, then spending All Hallows Eve in a haunted museum full of

Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball is back home in Sacramento, where the ball originated 7years ago. We
invite you to join us this Halloween night at the incredible California Automobile Museum at 2200 Front
Street near Old Sacramento.

Wind your way through the haunted museum as you peruse the many antique cars, campers, trailers and
sinful decor. When you hear the pulsing beat of the dance floor,you will know you've arrived at the "T*tty
Twister Main Stage" where DJ Bryan Hawk will pump your veins with amazing, rhythmic beats all night long...

Please be aware of ghosts,vampires and coffins,as you never know who could be hiding in them... Get
transfixed by our Bride of Frankenstein performance by burlesque phenom, Mercy Beaucoup, of Red Hot
Burlesque in SF. Experience a sexy dance number by our favorite gals at AMPED Entertainment, and our
comedic MC, and host of the "T*tty Twister Main Stage", Cheech, played by Leo Zuniga.   Don't forget to
introduce yourselves to the Gecko brothers, Seth & Richie, as you may need their help someday... Make
sure you're  front and center stage for a very sexy, snake dance performance,by our very own Santanico
Pandemonium, played by Jessica Will.  Santanico is the queen of El Rey, Mexico and just
might leave you
ALIVE from dusk till dawn...

Outdoors in our El Rey courtyard, things will be heating up with our fire dancing vampires, Kathy and Izzy.
For our human guests, we will have food truck, Matador, serving up delicious Mexican food.  Back
indoors,haunted attractions, vendors,and  vampire themed bars. Enjoy cocktails, beer, and wine,including
the entire line of Vampire Vineyards Wine and Vampyre Vodka.  All this, and so much more, await you at
the 7th Annual Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball, Halloween night...

The Vampire Ball gives a portion of the proceeds to 3 charities:
Spirit of Children, UCD Children's Hospital & Shriner's Hospitals, and Romanian League in Defense of
Animals ROLDA. We hope you will sink your teeth in to Halloween with us! Make sure to watch for our
documentary being filmed at the Vampire Ball by Twelve 27 Films called "Building theBall".  Check our
Facebook Page often for updates  
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7th Annual